Fire reported in Chinatown; no details of injuries yet

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) received a call informing them of the fire at about 5.35pm, said a spokesman. Three fire engines and three support vehicles were despatched to the scene.

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Fire breaks out at Mosque Street in Chinatown 

A fire had broken out at Mosque Street in Chinatown and was believed to have started from a Chinese restaurant.

Stomp contributors Derek and Nouhad have both witnessed the event and have sent in photos and a video.

Reader Derek said: "When I came home, I saw that a fire had started in Chinatown. Smoke was coming out of the chimney from one of the houses.

"I called the fire brigade and the fire trucks came within 10 minutes.

"After closer inspection, I believe that the fire started from a Chinese restaurant, shown in the photos I've sent in.

"Fire fighters are still clearing the fire."

Another reader Nouhad wrote: "There is a big fire near Chinatown Point.

"Two fire trucks and several police officers are at the scene."

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