Fish seller gets nephew to murder wife

A fish seller in Chennai, tired of his wife's constant nagging that he mend his ways, got his nephew to murder her.

Neighbours told police that the man, known only as Veerappan, often fought with his 38-year-old wife and had accused her of having affairs, according to Malaysia Nanban.

Veerappan, who is also a moneylender, was recently approached by his nephew who needed Rs30,000 (S$580).

He agreed to help him but on the condition that the nephew disposed of the wife.

On Aug 21, the nephew went to their house and subsequently strangled and slit her throat.

When Veerappan returned home later, he "pretended" that he had found his wife dead.

Some neighbours told police that they saw Veerappan's relative in the house. Police then questioned the nephew who revealed the truth.