Fixing passport errors: ICA replies


SINGAPORE - We refer to the letters ("Can't fix error in passport" by Mr Jairam Amrith, July 31; and "Hassle to have 'Mrs' in passport" by Mrs Roshni Asha Wijeyekoon, Aug 6).

The passport is a travel document that facilitates the movement of people across countries.

It is required by law that a person's Singapore passport should bear the same name as that in his identity card, or in the case of a child below 15 years old, the name as reflected in his birth certificate.

A person's name, once registered with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority and shown on his identity card, would be deemed official.

Changing one's official name on the identity card is a serious matter as the card is an important document used for identification purposes.

Hence, any application to change the official name will require the necessary supporting documents, such as a deed poll or marriage certificate.

Thereafter, the applicant is required to apply for a replacement identity card and passport, to reflect the amended name. Replacement fees for both the identity card and passport are applicable.

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 -Vincent Ng

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