Flash mob on MRT train gets passengers singing along to 'Home'

Screengrab of video uploaded by OneSongOneSg
PHOTO: Facebook

A flash mob began singing in a packed MRT train cabin on Thursday (Aug 6), and ended up getting most of the passengers to sing along with them.

They were singing an NDP evergreen 'Home'.

The video was uploaded by a grassroots movement known as OneSongOneSg, who also organised the flash mob event on board the MRT train, and the video has been picked up for feature by mainstream local media.

According to The Straits Times, the group was creating a national video montage of the song Home. It aims to "create a digital time capsule of writings, video and photos that describe what home means to us in 2015".

The song was composed by local musician Dick Lee in1998, and sung variously by singers such as Kit Chan and Stefanie Sun. It has remained a favourite with many Singaporeans.



Yesterday we helped make some of our fellow Singaporeans smile as we organized a surprise recording in an unlikely place, on board an MRT! Special thanks to SMRT for working with us on this very special project #SMRT #OneVoiceOneSg #OneSongOneSgShare your voice and show your Singapore spirit! To learn more, visit www.OneSongOneSg.com.sg.

Posted by Onesongonesg on Thursday, August 6, 2015