Foreign worker numbers need to be controlled: PM Lee

In his Chinese speech, PM says the Government understands the challenges SMEs face but foreign worker numbers need to be controlled.

PM Lee says MOS for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck will meet business representatives to find out how the government can better support them

PM is talking about the woes of SMEs. The audience cracks up as the PM shares the song titles and the intended meanings of labour activist Yeo Guat Kwang's songs when he met business owners to discuss their problems:

1. "The Past Is But A Memory" (on foreign workers) 2. "I Am A Little Bird" - I am a tiny little bird, I try to fly but how high can I fly? I am looking for a warm embrace, Is this really too much to ask for? 3."It is the moon's fault" - Mr Yeo's version of the lyrics say it is nobody's fault but the moon's. And he did say maybe it's the lightning's fault. (Applause!)

Mr Yeo also used three songs to describe what the Government feels: "Do you know I am waiting for you?"; "I am by your side"; "Will you still love me tomorrow?" (Applause!).

PM Lee: The Government hopes the community and individual will do more to complement what the Government is doing.

"We want to build a caring community."

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