Four shot dead in Pattani, including two assailants

FOUR PEOPLE, including two assailants, were shot dead in two separate incidents in Pattani province over the weekend.

In Yaring district, four masked men armed with M-16 assault rifles fired at a family sitting outside a |grocery shop in Tambon Takae on Saturday. The bullets hit Subin Sukki, 48, a janitor at Yaring School, Kamolthip Sukki, 45, and Muay Sukki, 40, in their arms, legs and bodies. Muay died in hospital.

The four men arrived at the store on two motorcycles and officials believe they are separatists.

Another incident took place in Ma-Yor district yesterday.

Maseukri Dueraning, 45, a village head, was riding a motorcycle home after patrolling at Ban Ra Wor School in Tambon Krawa when he was ambushed. Two men were hiding beside the road he was travelling on 50 metres before his village.

They fired several bullets from a shotgun and an AK-47 assault rifle. The village head was hit and collapsed but managed to fire back. He later died in hospital.

Ahama Taoh, an assistant village chief who joined the patrol with Maseukri, was riding a motorcycle about 100m behind the village head when the ambush occurred and shot the attackers dead with a shotgun.

One of the attackers was identified as Hawae Nawae, 49, a resident of Tambon Krawa. He wore a soldier's uniform and had a long shotgun with a few bullets.

The other attacker was identified as Borheng Tayae, 45. He was shirtless and carried an AK-47 with five bullets. Police believed the killing was politically motivated because five years ago Hawae lost the village head election to Maseukri.