Free travel on Downtown Line 1 for 11 days after opening

Commuters will be able to travel for free on stage one of the Downtown Line (DTL) when the six-station line opens on Dec 22 up till Jan 1.


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See below for the full statement from LTA:

Celebrate Downtown Line 1 opening with free all-day travel from 22 December 2013 to 1 January 2014

DTL1 stations added to Free MRT Pre-Peak Travel Trial 

The new Downtown Line 1 (DTL1), consisting six new stations – Bugis, Promenade, Bayfront, Downtown, Telok Ayer and Chinatown, will commence service on 22 December 2013. Four of the DTL1 stations are interchange stations with the North East, East-West and Circle Lines, which will allow commuters to transfer conveniently with the rest of the rail network.  

To encourage commuters to experience and familiarise themselves with the DTL1 as well as the convenience of its connectivity to adjacent developments, all train trips made within the DTL1 will be free from 22 December 2013 to 1 January 2014 (both dates inclusive). Commuters will enjoy free travel if they enter and exit through any of the six DTL1 stations. 

For commuters transferring from the rest of the rail network onto DTL1 via any one of its four interchange stations (Bugis, Promenade, Bayfront, and Chinatown), they will first need to tap out of the fare gate at the interchange station and tap in again to travel to another DTL1 station in order to enjoy free travel for the DTL1 leg. If not, for DTL1 commuters entering or exiting at a non-DTL1 station, they will be charged full journey fares, i.e. the incremental distance fare component of the DTL1 leg is payable. 


Origin – Destination stationsWill Free Travel Be Applicable?
Bugis to ChinatownCommuter enjoys free travel as he entered and exited from two DTL1 stations. Commuter can tap in and tap out at any fare gate in these stations, including the fare gates at the existing Bugis (East-West Line) and Chinatown (North East Line) stations.
Punggol to Bayfront by transferring through Chinatown interchange stationAn adult commuter has to pay the full journey fare ($1.84) which includes the DTL1 leg as he entered from a non-DTL1 station. 
Punggol to Chinatown and exiting to experience the DTL1 station before re-entering to travel to BayfrontAn adult commuter only need to pay the $1.76 fare from Punggol to Chinatown and the DTL1 leg is free as he entered and exited between two DTL1 stations. 

Extension of Free Pre-Peak Travel Trial to Downtown Line 1 Stations

As the DTL1 is located within the city centre, LTA will also expand the ongoing pre-peak free travel trial to include the new DTL1 stations when the line opens on 22 December 2013. The four DTL1 interchange stations are already part of the trial, and the two other stations – Telok Ayer and Downtown – will join the existing 16 city area MRT stations  to bring the total number of eligible exit stations to 18.  

To enjoy free pre-peak travel on the rail network, commuters must exit at any of these 18 designated stations in the city area before 7.45am from Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays). Commuters exiting between 7.45am and 8.00am will receive up to 50 cents off their train fare. The train journey must not begin at any of these 18 designated stations.