Fugitive arrested while partying with escorts in Kaohsiung

TAIPEI - Kaohsiung police arrested fugitive Sun Kuo-kai and three others on Oct. 30 while they were partying with female escorts. Police said Sun is well known in north Kaohsiung and is known to possess many weapons.

Sun made huge profits by operating illegal casinos, police said. The police believed he was in possession of an M16 rifle, an MP5 submachine gun and multiple pistols.

He has more than 10 minions in the area of Kaohsiung and is known to be a dangerous person, according to authorities.

Police received a tip on Oct. 30 that Sun would be having a party in a rental home that night. Police arrived on scene and arrested Sun and three others and found guns and 101 grams of ketamine.

When police barged into the building, Sun was watching television on the first floor and fled to the fourth floor to hide on his neighbour's patio before police arrested him.

Sun Had Long History of Violent Crimes

According to a police report from September 2012, Sun and his gang opened fire on a rival group inside a convenience store after negotiations of repaying gambling debts to Sun erupted into an argument.

In the crossfire, two men, surnamed Huang and Wu, were shot. The Kaohsiung police sent out multiple subpoenas for Sun's arrest.

In September 2014, Sun sought revenge on a man, surnamed Li, who had an altercation with Sun's son who was playing with fireworks.

Sun and 10 of his men piled into three cars and brought along rifles and submachine guns to threaten Li at a bar. Sun and his men continuously fired at Li's car, injuring three people.