'Future richest man in the world' ousted from temple

Self-proclaimed millionaire Zhang Jian left the temple in Thailand, where he was undergoing a 100-day temporary ordination programme, after being reprimanded by an elder monk for persuading other monks to join his get-rich-quick scam.

China Press reported that the Chinese national had also shown off his wealth by bringing 25 bodyguards to serve him and placing a massage chair in his room during his stay at the Wat Charoen Samanakit in Phuket since July.

The 37-year-old Zhang - whose real name is Song Miqiu - left the temple on Sept 9 without completing the programme.

A week later, his assistants took away the massage chair but did not return Zhang's monk's robe to the temple.

Last week, Zhang, his wife Yoyo Wang Wen Fang, 29, and his right-hand man Geng Lian Bao were arrested by the Thai police over the pyramid scheme involving RM900mil (S$352 million) in China, Malaysia and Thailand.

Zhang, who made headlines in the Malaysian media by proclaiming himself as the "future richest man in the world", fled the country after his company Yun Shu Mao - or known as YSLM or CDTUP - was linked to a get-rich-quick scam.