Gallery refreshed with interactive exhibits: URA

SINGAPORE - We thank Mr Jurg Peter Huber for his compliments on Singapore's city planning efforts and for being a frequent visitor to the Singapore City Gallery ("Exhibition no longer interesting"; Tuesday).

The Singapore City Gallery tells the story of Singapore's transformation into a vibrant city-state. It showcases Singapore's planning history, explains what urban planning is all about, and shares the exciting future plans for Singapore.

The gallery was upgraded in 2011 to update the exhibits. To reach out to a wider audience, including young people, we used more interactive and experiential exhibits so that visitors can better relate the ideas of city planning to their own lives in imaginative and educational ways.

We agree with Mr Huber that detailed information about our planning strategies is important and assure him that visitors are able to access this via videos and interactive kiosks located around the gallery.

Since its reopening, visitorship at the Singapore City Gallery has grown and we have received very positive feedback about the new exhibits from local and foreign visitors. In particular, the proportion of student visitors has grown from about 20,000 to 30,000 a year after the upgrade, and they have found the exhibits to be informative.

With greater reliance on technology, we have also stepped up checks on our exhibits to ensure they are functioning well.

We invite Mr Huber to a free guided tour of the gallery to share with him how information is presented. He can contact Mr Colin Lauw, our senior manager for the Singapore City Gallery, on 6329-3262.

Yap Siew Ling (Ms)

Group Director

Corporate Development Group

Urban Redevelopment Authority

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