Gamblers busted in Circuit Rd raid

Stubborn gamblers who continued to bet openly in Circuit Road - despite steps by the town council to curb the illegal activities - were caught by police in a raid on Sunday.

About 15 people were questioned by the police and two are now assisting in investigations, Lianhe Wanbao reported yesterday.

In recent years, people have been gathering at the void deck of Block 42 to gamble, or meet nearby to bet on horse racing and football.

Even though the town council removed a set of stone tables and chairs, installed cameras and put up anti-gambling notices, the gamblers did not seem to care and continued their activities at multi-purpose halls.

To stop the activities, the police launched Sunday's raid.

When Wanbao arrived at the scene, plainclothes policemen were seen questioning people at the Block 65A multi-purpose hall, as well as taking down their particulars.

Going by what residents said, plainclothes officers could have been mingling and observing the gamblers for six hours before striking. A resident who only wanted to be called Mr Cai said that at about 11am, he noticed some strangers in the estate.

"They didn't look like police officers at all, from the way they dressed," he said. "Even though the gamblers had people keeping a lookout, they didn't realise the officers were already among them."

The police took action at about 4.30pm. Mr Cai said the police rounded up about 15 people at a multi-purpose hall.

Another resident, Ms Huang, said that she overheard the police asking the gamblers how much they betted and how long they gambled.

A police spokesman said that the raid was carried out at Circuit Road to address illegal gambling activities. Two men, aged about 50 and 60, are helping the police with investigations.

The raid was welcomed by residents. Mr Chen, 31, who is self-employed, said: "I hope the operation will have a deterrent effect so that other gamblers will know the police have their eye on them."

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