Gamblers nabbed at illegal casino in Malaysia

KULIM: Police have busted an illegal "mini casino" and rounded up 30 gamblers, including eight women, in Padang Serai here.

Kedah deputy CID chief (Intelligence and Operations) Supt Rahimi Saais said a 20-man team raided the makeshift gambling den behind an empty house at about 6pm on Tuesday.

"There were about 70 people busy gambling and they ran helter-skelter when we introduced ourselves as the police. More than half of them managed to escape into the bushes. An 80-year-old man was among them.

"The table money seized amounted to about RM29,000 (S$9,600), while the games offered by the mini casino were belangkas and tai sai, among others," he told reporters here yesterday.

Supt Rahimi also said the gamblers had been remanded.

They can be charged under Section 7(2) of the Common Gaming Houses Act, which carries a maximum RM5,000 fine, a jail term of not more than six months or both.

"We have been monitoring the place for about a week before striking. The operator would move the mini casino from place to place to avoid detection.

"There was only one road leading to the last location and we had difficulty entering it without being detected as there were sentries.

"In the end, the raid was successful," he said.

Meanwhile, police in Nusajaya confiscated some RM16,575 in cash during several raids on premises conducting online gambling activities around here.

Nusajaya OCPD Supt Noor Hashim Mohamad said police managed to raid a total of 50 online gambling premises in Gelang Patah, Nusajaya, Bukit Indah and Kangkar Pulai during the period.

"We arrested a total of 300 online gamblers and supervisors aged between 16 and 60 during the operations."