Gang boss shot dead in car

Authorities carrying Surya’s body from the scene of the crime.
PHOTO: The Star

PETALING JAYA - The leader of a gang called Satu Hati Puchong was gunned down when he was on his way to a meeting in Jinjang Selatan.

In the 2pm incident, 41-year-old S. Surya Kumar, who also worked as a contractor, was shot in the face and chest minutes before he was sche­duled to meet an acquaintance near a squatter settlement yesterday.

Sentul OCPD Asst Comm R. Munusamy said the victim's body was found with several gunshot wounds in his pick-up truck.

"He was found in a pool of blood in the driver's seat. The gear was on reverse and there were three gunshot marks on the windshield. The window at the passenger's seat was also broken," he said.

At the scene, police retrieved several empty slugs and a 9mm bullet about 12m away from where the body was found.

"We also checked his sling bag and found his wallet and four mobile phones.

"Several eyewitnesses have been called in to facilitate the investigations. One of the witnesses claimed that after hearing the shots, he saw two suspects entering two pick-up trucks and driving off.

"Both vehicles were parked in front and behind of the victim's car. We believe that the suspects could have intercepted the victim's vehicle before firing shots," he said, adding that a Proton Persona was also rammed by one of the suspects while they were fleeing.

ACP Munusamy said initial checks revealed that Satu Hati Puchong gang did not operate in Sentul.

"He could have been killed in Jinjang because he happened to be here, but we will still investigate if this gang has any links here," he said, adding that the victim was recently awarded a project to demolish several houses there.

Police also believe that the murder was related to a business deal that went sour.

"We don't discount that it could be due to a clash between two or more gangs," he said, adding that the case was being investigated as murder.

Last year, police identified Satu Hati as one of the 49 gangs that were behind various crimes. They include drug pushing, luxury car thefts and hijacking.

A source claimed that Satu Hati often clashed with other gangs in turf wars and some of the gang members worked as home renovation contractors.