Geomancer with a law degree

She has a law degree and a graduate diploma in business administration, but her passion lies in geomancy.

Miss Judy Foo (left), 45, who has her own consultancy, Jing Geomancy, told The New Paper that she had been certain that she would become a lawyer when she was still in secondary school.

But personal experiences took her on a different route.

"I'm a person who knows what I want, but there are a lot of twists and turns in life," she said.

Her interest in geomancy was sparked when she was 19, but she started her company only five years ago.

While Miss Foo declined to elaborate on what sparked her interest, she said that her "experience" following her father's death spurred her on to attend geomancy lessons.


"Nobody could explain it in an intellectual way so I started to delve into all these supernatural things," she said.

Learning from fengshui masters in China, Taiwan and in Singapore helped her to find the answers she had been looking for, said Miss Foo, who is also a real estate agent.

With relatively little experience compared with other fengshui masters, and a business that is spread mainly through word of mouth, Miss Foo said her consultancy firm is "a little unstable".

She rakes in more money - a four-figure sum a month, she reveals - as a real estate agent.

But it is geomancy that she sees herself doing as she grows older because it is meaningful work, she said.

"I like to see the faces of my clients change from very worried to very relieved and happy," she said.

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