German businessman gets one month for causing danger to MAS flight

Malaysia Airlines MH179 Turn-Back Due to Drunk Passenger

SEPANG: A German businessman was sentenced to one's month jail for causing danger to a Malaysia Airlines cabin crew member on a Sri Lanka-bound flight.

Dietmar Ross, 54, pleaded guilty at a Sessions Court here on Wednesday to the charge of endangering a cabin crew member by raising his voice, not abiding to the rules of the flight and using harsh words.

Bali-based businessman Ross was charged under Regulation 70 (1) of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1996 for imperiling the safety of an aircraft or any person on board.

It was reported that a passenger caused the flight to Colombo to turn back to KL International Airport late Saturday.

MAS had said in a statement that the passenger started harassing the crew members soon after flight MH179 had taken off from KLIA at 11.27pm.

The captain of aircraft decided to return to KLIA and the passenger was handed over to the authorities upon landing. The plane was to arrive in Colombo at 12.18am local time.