Getting a dog: Husky or pomeranian?

Ms Kelly Lim, who runs an apparel business, with daughter Charlotte and their three-year-old pomeranian Fluffy.
PHOTO: The Straits Times

Do you love the idea of a house wolf aka Husky but aren't sure if you can cope with taking care of it?

One way to evaluate your situation is to ask opening questions: Do these dogs need a lot of space? Are they outgoing with people? Are they easy to train? Are they noisy and what exercise do they need? Do they need grooming and what is their energy level?

If you look at a Siberian Husky, this breed needs lots of space, are very social, are not easy to train, are noisy, need lots of exercise, need regular professional grooming and have loads of energy.

But look at the Pomeranian. It was bred from sled dogs and miniaturised, so it has many of the same qualities - being furry, bouncy, loving and energetic - but being so much smaller, they are much easier to manage.

Pomeranians are happy in apartments, are great with family but not so much with strangers and children, are easy to train, are noisy, are easy to exercise, need regular professional grooming and have loads of energy.

When you're looking for a particular kind of dog, examining miniature versions of big breeds can be very useful.

Of course, pedigrees are often inbred and prone to genetic disorders. So do be very careful if you decide to buy.

Better still, shelters often have pedigrees who were bought as puppy presents and then dumped.

So just ask around, and you can give a dog a second chance.

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