Getting to know Sikhism

SINGAPORE - It was an enlightening session in which the 80 participants had the opportunity to find out more about Sikhs in Singapore and their way of life.

The session on Nov 23 was the third in the Inter-Faith Speakers' Series on Sikhism.

Organised by Shinnyo-en Singapore, the local chapter of an international Buddhist community, the quarterly series allows invited speakers from different faiths to share their beliefs and practices.

The last two sessions were on Islam and Taoism.

The guest speaker was Mr Harbans Singh, the honorary secretary of the Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore.

He talked about the history of Sikhism and the Sikh way of life where there is a great emphasis on values which include humility, love, kindness and charity, exemplified by the Sikh gurus.

The retired teacher is regarded as one of the most qualified and experienced lecturers in Sikhism, having lectured in Australia and Singapore.

At the end of the session, Shinnyo-en Singapore presented a token of appreciation to Mr Singh as a symbol of friendship while Mr Singh expressed his support for the group's efforts in organising the series of inter-faith talks.