'Ghostbuster' admits to raping woman client

A self-styled spiritual "master" yesterday admitted to raping a woman who sought help from him to get rid of "ghosts" in her flat.

Ow Siew Hoe, 49, also known as Ow-Yong Siew Hoe, sexually assaulted the 35-year-old woman when she became drowsy after drinking a cup of "holy water" he had given her.

Later, when she confronted him about what he had done, he claimed that he had to use his sperm to save the ghosts, as otherwise, she and her husband would have died. Ow will be sentenced at a later date, as his lawyer is waiting for medical reports to make his mitigation plea.

He faces up to 20 years in jail as well as caning or a fine.

The High Court heard that in February 2014, the woman, a Malaysian who is married to a Singaporean, began to believe there were ghosts in her flat, especially after her pets started behaving unusually.

The sales assistant suspected that the supernatural presence may have something to do with her father-in-law and his girlfriend, who recently moved in with her.

She consulted a tarot card reader, who confirmed her suspicions and warned her not to eat food given to her by the pair.

Even after the tarot reading, she remained uncomfortable and confided in her husband, but he was sceptical. She sought advice from her mother-in-law, who told her that her sister knew a "powerful master" - Ow - who could help her.

On Feb 20, 2014, after checking the woman's flat, Ow told her there were "dirty things" in the unit but he could help her get rid of them.

The woman was reassured by her relative that Ow was a "powerful master" who had helped cure the pain in her leg.

The next day, Ow called the woman, telling her that the matter was becoming more serious and that she had to tell her husband.

Two days later, with Ow present, the family was told about the supernatural beings. Ow then asked the woman to go to his flat to collect items to protect her.

She was reluctant but Ow insisted. He told her that he had to put something inside her body but assured her that her relative will be present. He also told her that he was not being hum sup (Cantonese for "lecherous") and would not have sex with her.

On the afternoon of Feb 25, 2014, when she was alone with him at his Bukit Batok flat, Ow told her to drink some "holy water". When she experienced discomfort, he said the "holy water" was working.

As she became drowsy and giddy, Ow led her to a room, took off her clothes and raped her. She tried to push him away but was too weak.

After the rape, she met her husband for dinner but did not tell him what happened, as she was confused. That night, she called Ow and asked him why he had raped her.

Ow told her that he had fought with the ghosts in her flat and hurt them. He told her that he had been forced to rape her.

After hanging up the phone, the woman blamed herself for her stupidity and felt ashamed.

The next day, Ow called her and told her to delete evidence of the phone calls. She did not.

On Feb 27, after talking to two friends, she made a police report.

Ow was arrested the next day.

Traces of Dormicum, a sleeping pill, were found on a pestle and mortar in his flat. Packs of Xanax, a sedative, were also seized from his flat. It was not mentioned in court if the drugs were detected in the woman's body.


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