Girl allegedly hit in private parts by extortionists

PENANG - A schoolgirl in Penang has allegedly been frequently assaulted, including being hit in her private parts, by two girls and a man who extorted money from her.

The father claimed that the girls - aged 12 and 16 - and the 22-year-old man had been bullying his youngest daughter and extorting money from her for the past three years.

It is believed that the younger female suspect is the 12-year-old victim's schoolmate while the older female suspect may be a dropout, reported Malaysia's The Star.

The father claimed that the attacks started when his daughter was in the fourth year in her school, when she was allegedly dragged to an alley by her tormentors who started kicking her.

"The guy had also used a wooden stick to hit my daughter's private parts numerous times," he said on Saturday.

He found out about his daughter's ordeal on July 3 when one of the female bullies went to his house to demand RM170 (S$67) from his daughter.

"That was when my daughter confessed to me that the females and the male used to ask her for protection money and would assault her if she did not pay them," he said.

He took his daughter to the Seberang Jaya Hospital two years ago when she complained of pain in her private parts.


"The doctor told me that my daughter had injuries on her private parts from beatings but she denied this and I couldn't do anything because she refused to tell me what had really happened."

He said he made a police report on July 10 after the latest extortion attempt.

South Seberang Prai acting OCPD Deputy Superintendent Shariffudin Abdul Lah confirmed the report.