Going out tonight? Stay vigilant against crime

If you're heading to town to party to celebrate the new year, stay vigilant to prevent crimes such as theft, pickpocketing and outrage of modesty, the Singapore Police has reminded people in an advisory.

If nobody is at home, please secure it against housebreaking, said the Police. It is also reminding retailers to look out for shop thieves during their busy sales periods. 

Details of how you can stay safe and prevent crime are listed in the Singapore Police advisory below:


Christmas celebrations have just ended and the New Year celebrations are just round the corner. As with previous years, large crowds are expected to throng major shopping centres.

The Police would like to advise all shoppers and revelers to remain vigilant against crime during this period.

Theft and Pickpocketing

Don't let thieves affect your festive joy as they are known to steal exposed items such as handphones and wallets from bags. They may even unzip or slit bags of victims to steal. Thieves may work with accomplices to distract or block your view when stealing from you. Some may also deliberately bump into or jostle unsuspecting victims in crowds to commit theft.

Please adopt the following crime prevention measures to protect yourselves from being victimised:

a) Be wary of suspicious persons or people following you;

b) Avoid exposing cash, valuables, or jewellery in public areas to draw unnecessary attention;

c) Avoid placing your wallet in your back pocket. Ensure that your bag is properly secured at all

times. Cross-sling your bag in front or clasp it firmly while shopping or walking;

d) Keep a close watch on your belongings at all times and do not leave them unattended and if

you need to, arrange for someone to look after your belongings; &

e) Do not be distracted by strangers creating a commotion, bumping into you or accidentally

spilling something onto you. Check your valuables immediately if this happens.

Shop theft

Police would also like to remind retailers to be vigilant against shop thieves during this festive season, especially in anticipation of large crowds. Shop theft is a crime and those who commit such offences will be dealt with in accordance to the law. The Police have been working with retail chains to implement anti-shop theft measures at their outlets. Retailers are also encouraged to implement the following measures to reduce the incidence of shop theft:

a) Display posters or signage to deter shop theft;

b) Ensure a good line of sight for the displays by using an appropriate shop layout;

c) Keep expensive merchandise in locked display cabinets;

d) Install CCTVs with recording system;

e) Deploy adequate security personnel to patrol the premises in luminous vests for increased visual deterrence effect.

Outrage Of Modesty

With large crowds expected at shopping malls, entertainment outlets and various public locations during this year-end festive period, members of the public, especially ladies, are advised to stay vigilant against those who may take the opportunity to commit outrage of modesty. These are some precautions which ladies should take to minimise the risks of being victimised:

a) Be wary of strangers who approach you in crowded areas;

b) Stay close to your friends or move around in groups when in crowded places;

c) Be aware and alert of your surroundings. If someone stands exceptionally close to you, or if you suspect that you are being followed, remain calm and proceed to a crowded area or call the Police for assistance;

d) Moderate the amount of alcohol intake to avoid becoming drunk and vulnerable;

e) Avoid taking short-cuts through dark and deserted places. Keep to well-lit areas where there are

more people and traffic;

f) Where possible, do not nap whilst travelling on public transport;

g) When coming home late at night, get someone to escort you home;

h) Do not enter the lift with a stranger. Let the stranger take the lift and wait for the next one; &

i) If you are molested, shout for help immediately. Try to remember the distinctive features of the suspect and dial '999' quickly.

Securing Your Homes Against Housebreaking

During this festive period, Police encourage home owners to adopt the following crime prevention measures to prevent break-ins:

a) Ensure that your main doors and windows are properly secured with strong grilles and good quality locks;

b) Do not leave large amounts of cash at home. All cash, jewellery and valuable items should be kept in a bank or in a good quality safe that is anchored to the wall/floor to prevent the safe from being carted away; &

c) Consider installing a burglar alarm system.

If you are going on a vacation, you should:

a) Get family members or neighbours to conduct regular visits to your home while you are away;

b) Make arrangements to suspend your newspaper subscriptions as uncollected newspapers are

tell-tale signs that a house is not occupied; &

c) Inform your Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) of your absence.