'Goldfish' had a golden heart

'Goldfish' had a golden heart

Do not let his blonde hair and heavily-tattooed body, or the fact that he is a medium, fool you.

Mr Kevier Ng was a soft-spoken man with a gentle demeanour, those who knew him said.

His temple in Hougang, Di Wang Da Bo Gong, often hired getai shows for its celebrations, and he was a familiar face to many performers.

Veteran host Wang Lei, 52, told The New Paper: "He had a good heart and he always had time for the elderly and the needy.

"He was a filial son too. That was why he became a medium in the first place."

Wang Lei recounted a conversation he had with Mr Ng, nicknamed Goldfish, a few months ago.

He said: "Goldfish told me that he had made a promise to the deity when his father fell very ill from kidney failure.

"(Mr Ng) vowed to repay the deity by contributing his time and life to being a medium if the old man recovered."

That was more than 10 years ago.

Mr Ng, 35, was swept away and is believed to have drowned off Changi Beach Park during a ritual early Sunday morning.

He had walked into the sea at about 2.30am and was reportedly swept away by a wave.


His body was spotted hours later - about 1 km offshore - by fishermen who informed the police.

The body was taken back to shore at around 9.45am.

The police have classified it as an unnatural death.

Getai performer Tracy Ong, 26, of the popular Bao Bei Sisters, said that she had known Mr Ng for over a decade.

"He was a gentle man and he always had the time for his devotees and those who were in need," she said.

"You look at him and you'd think that a medium with tattoos would be uncouth.

"But Goldfish did not use swear or curse words. That was just how different his looks, and the real him, was."

Madam Ong added that the medium and her husband were childhood friends.

"In fact, my husband and I were supposed to arrange to meet up with him sometime next week," she said, adding that it was sad that he died trying to do something good to help others.

"He didn't deserve to go this way," she said.


A close friend who wanted to be known only as Ah Lun, told TNP that Mr Ng often said his life turned around when he met his wife, Mrs Zeline Ng.

Ah Lun, 40, said: "He loved Zeze very much and felt that the best thing in his life was to be able to marry her (three years ago). And when his daughter was born, he told us that he was the most fortunate man on earth."

Mr Ng leaves behind his wife and their 2½-year-old daughter.

Said Ah Lun: "As his wife is very pretty, we loved to tease him and say, 'Wah, you are a lucky man'."

Mr Ng would always agree.


"He always liked to 'brag' that he is the luckiest man on earth," Ah Lun said.

Madam Ong said that the couple would go everywhere together.

"(Mr Ng) often planned short getaways to spend time with (his wife)."

The New Paper was unable to reach Mrs Ng for an interview yesterday.

On Sunday, she had written on her husband's Facebook wall.

"(Sic) Dear im browsing thru yr pic one by one... n I think im missing u even more... what should I do????"

Mrs Ng also posted a heartrending message on her Facebook account at around the same time.

"Dear, I know you love me, and I also know you treated me well. I also know you wanted to spend your whole life with me," she wrote.

"(Sic) I wont forgt wad I promise u, I wont change this profile picture... n my heart will only have u.

"I hope u can hear me... I cant get any other way to tok u, I have so many things I hvnt tell u. I will remb everything u told me...

"dear I love u."


This article was published on April 8 in The New Paper.

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