Good balance of theory and practice

Informatics Academy

SINGAPORE - Mr Moe Thu Ta has come a long way to pursue his dream.

Hailing from Myanmar, Mr Moe was first introduced to Information Systems by Informatics Academy during a career talk they hosted in his country several years ago.

"I have no regrets about studying here," said Mr Moe, who is pursuing a double degree in Computer Science and Information Systems at the Informatics Academy, which is partnered with Oxford Brookes University, UK, to offer this programme.

He enrolled last September and will graduate in September.

Mr Moe, who is a part-time student, said that information systems is a challenging, but fulfilling course of study.

"Information Systems Design is my favourite module," he says.

"It is difficult sometimes because the programming language can be quite hard, but I enjoy it."

He is convinced that this prepares students for real world problems and challenges.

Mr Moe, who is currently working at IBM with one year's experience while pursuing his degree, said: "Informatics Academy is fantastic because it provides us with many real-life experiences."

His curriculum consists of a mixture of lectures and practical sessions.


"My timetable is extremely flexible," said Mr Moe, who attends classes twice a week.

He also pointed out that the timings of classes are flexible, with lectures and practical sessions going on from 7pm to 10pm each time.

This makes it easy for him to travel from work to school, which is located close to Bugis MRT station.

Mr Moe is also thankful for the dedication and commitment of the lecturers.

"The lecturers are committed to finding out exactly what the students' problems are during our practical sessions," he said.

"They even make time to see us on the weekends to fit our busy working schedules."

He said that practical sessions constitute a large portion of his curriculum, where he and his fellow students are given the chance to get hands-on experience in information systems.

Mr Moe is confident that the skills that he has learnt have equipped him better for work in the IT sector.

He aims to become a project manager for on-site IT support at a renowned firm and is certain that the school has prepared him well for this goal.

He added that he wants to continue his education at Informatics Academy by pursuing a Masters in Computer Science with Oxford Brookes University, UK.


Bachelor of Science (Honours) Computing Science and Information Systems (Top Up)

Information management includes the tasks of gathering data; processing the data into reliable, accurate, and usable information; and distributing the information in a timely fashion for use in decision making, problem solving, and control.

Graduates can work in the following careers:

- IT Management
- IT Architecture Design
- IT Software Design and Development

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