Government to build and lease facilities for animal shelters, farms

Animal welfare groups and pet farms in Loyang and Seletar, which will need to move out of their premises when their leases expire by the end of next year, will get new facilities in Sungei Tengah built and provided by the Government.

The sites in Loyang and Seletar are needed for redevelopment, said the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) in a release yesterday.

To help with the move, the Government will build facilities and lease them to the animal welfare groups and pet farms for monthly rentals.

"This means they need not raise funds to pay a lump sum to buy land and construct their own facilities," said the AVA.

It will manage the facilities which will be ready by end-2017. It said there will be sufficient space for the current number of animals from the affected animal welfare groups and pet farms.

Having government-built facilities ensures that the new spaces adhere to animal welfare standards, said the AVA.

The new facilities will have two storeys, instead of one storey like the current premises.

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