Grace Fu urges greater co-operation between Asian-African countries

SINGAPORE - Ms Grace Fu, Minister, Second Minister for the Environment & Water Resources and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs, visited Jakarta, Indonesia, on April 20 as Head of the Singapore delegation to the Asian-African Ministerial Meeting.

Delegations from Asian and African countries exchanged views on strengthening international co-operation and inter-regional dialogue between the two regions during the meeting.

In her address, Minister Fu pointed out the potential for increased inter-regional economic co-operation, and the need to strengthen Asian-African co-operation on global challenges such as climate change, combating piracy, and countering extremist terrorism.

She added that international co-operation was crucial at this time and highlighted the efforts done so far: "The Singapore Business Federation has organised 14 trade missions to Africa in the past 4 years." 

"To support our businesses' increased engagement with Africa, International Enterprise Singapore, which is the agency responsible for economic co-operation, opened two commercial centres in Accra (Ghana) and Johannesburg (South Africa)."

"This reflects our businesses' optimism in Africa's long-term outlook."

Minister Fu also met the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Madagascar, Beatrice Atallah, and reaffirmed the warm relations between the two countries. They also discussed further co-operation in trade and maritime issues between Madagascar and Singapore.