Grandfather in shock as boy hit by car while crossing road with him

SINGAPORE - An 8-year-old boy who was crossing a road with his grandfather was knocked down by a car, and later succumbed to his injuries.

The incident happened on Wednesday evening (Dec 9) at 6.53pm along Eu Tong Sen Street towards Hill Street, Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported.

The grandfather, 66, was holding his grandson's hand as they crossed the road, when the elderly man noticed a car approaching. Instinctively, he yanked his grandson to safety, but it was too late.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the impact flung the boy a few metres away from the scene of the collision. As the incident happened, the grandfather stood rooted to the ground in shock.

While he regained his composure moments later, the elderly man still did not seem to realise that his grandson was hit.

It was only after bystanders spoke to him that he snapped out of his daze. Still reeling from shock, the elderly man rushed to his grandson and knelt by the road, shouting his grandson's name repeatedly.

As the car that hit the boy came to an abrupt halt, it was hit by a second car behind.

Lianhe Wanbao reported that the elderly man and his grandson were on their way home from a swim when the accident happened.

Police investigations are ongoing.