Grandma fills out nearly 300 lucky draw forms, wins $1,000 from Sheng Siong

SINGAPORE - Every time Ms Asiah Babu shops at Sheng Siong supermarket, she will fill in the lucky draw form and put it into the box provided.

In fact, Ms Asiah said she might have filled in close to 300 forms.

However, the grandmother with seven grandchildren never once expected to win any prizes.

Ms Asiah was thus very surprised to see her name appear on television earlier this month, with the announcement that she had won a prize.

On Oct 29, she received Sheng Siong vouchers worth $1,000 as the winner of the consolation prize for the Sheng Siong Hari Raya Grand Lucky Draw Promotion 2013.

When Berita Harian spoke to Ms Asiah at the supermarket headquarters in Mandai Link, Ms Asiah was bursting with excitement.

"I always shop at Sheng Siong, because it's close to my home. But I never hoped or expected my name to be selected to win a prize," said Ms Asiah who works as restaurant cashier.

Ms Asiah said she would use the voucher to buy daily groceries for her family, including her husband, son, daughter, and two grandchildren.

"I love shopping at Sheng Siong supermarket rather than other places as it is affordable, fresh and has a wide range of stock.

"Sheng Siong thanks for this gift!" she said.

The winner of the first prize the lucky draw is Mr Soh Chin Seng, who took home $30,000, while the second prize winner, Mr Wee Chaw Cash, took home $15,000.

The third prize winner, Mr Louis Lai, received $10,000.

A total of 20 consolation prize winners took home $1,000 Sheng Siong vouchers each.