Green Corridor Run attracts over 11,000 participants from 82 countries

SINGAPORE - Over 11,000 people from 82 different countries gathered at Tanjong Pagar Rail Station today to participate in the 'Green Corridor Run'.

Today's race is the final edition of the event as the area will gradually be closed for the construction of the Murnane Pipeline, until the project is completed in 2019.

The Green Corridor Run was also held in conjunction with Singapore's World Water Day celebrations, in a bid to raise awareness about the 748 million people across the globe that still lack access to safe drinking water.

An event highlight was the Keppel Land Water Challenge, which allowed participants to experience what it is like for those in developing countries that have to walk large distances daily to collect water for their family use.

Over 500 participants carried jerry-cans of recycled water from the start to the finish, clocking a total distance of 10.5km.

For every litre poured into a ceremonial well at Bukit Timah Rail Station, the organisers donated $1 to "charity: water", a non-profit organisation that that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations through sustainable water projects.

Participants in the Keppel Land Water Challenge were relieved to reach the finish line at the historic Bukit Timah Rail Station.

"Wow, hats off to the people in developing countries who have to walk that distance daily and carry much more water than the 5L I carried today", said participant Cheryl Lee.

The Green Corridor Run was the first race to be held entirely on the 'Rail Corridor', the former KTM rail line that once connected Singapore to mainland Asia.

Today's competitive race was won by James Karanja from Kenya in a time of 32:46.

This is the third instalment of the Green Corridor Run and the second year of the Keppel Land Water Challenge.

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