Guard jailed for threatening family

GEORGE TOWN - A security guard was jailed 30 months by a magistrate’s court here for criminal intimidation of his neighbours.

M. Anamalai (pic), 58, pleaded guilty to threatening to rape S. Thanaletchmee’s daughter and to kill her eldest son outside Thanaletchmee’s flat in Bandar Baru Air Itam at about 7pm on Jan 15.

He had originally claimed trial to the offence, which is punishable with a maximum seven years jail term, or a fine, or both, under Section 506 of the Penal Code.

According to the statement of facts, Thanaletchmee, 62, was outside her flat preparing some prayer items when the accused, who lives next door, approached her in an angry manner.

She quickly went into her house and locked the door. Her two daughters were home.

However, Anamalai kept scolding the woman in Tamil and then told her he would rape her (Thanaletchmee’s) daughter when she is on her way to work and kill her son within seven days.

Thanaletchmee lodged a police report.

In mitigation, counsel Sukhindarpal Singh said that at the time of the incident, Anamalai was drunk.

“(Being drunk) was no excuse. He had already spent time in prison. He has expressed regret and wants to apologise for any pain he caused.

“There was also no physical hurt,” he said, adding that his client had three children who were still schooling.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Edward Chan said Anamalai had nine previous records for threatening others.

“The latest was in 2007, also under Section 506, and also involving the same family (in the current case).

“The records show that the accused has a tendency to commit violent crimes. In passing an appropriate sentence, public interest has to be taken into consideration,” he said.

Chan said that in this case, there were only female victims at home.

“We can only imagine their fear at that moment,” he said, adding that a deterrent sentence would serve as a lesson to the accused and teach him that the courts would not show any tolerance for threats.

Magistrate Sri Pracha Nanthini Balabedha ordered Anamalai to serve his jail sentence from the date of arrest on Jan 15.