Hacker tries to scam the wrong guy, ends up being the joke

A hacker on messaging application LINE tried to scam a Singaporean guy, but he wasn't fooled and even dished out the most epic prank in return.

The hilarious conversation that took place between them was posted on Facebook by Belle Cheong, whom the hacker had tried to impersonate.

Pretending to be Cheong, the hacker targeted Boxue Tan by asking him to buy 'her' three iTunes cards, valued at $100 each.

Apparently having heard of this scam on the social networking application before, Tan decided to play along and took the hacker on a wild goose chase.

When the hacker requested Tan to send 'her' photos of the iTunes cards he had purchased, he complied, but not in the way the hacker expected.

For example, when the hacker asked for a photo of the back of the card so that 'she' could see the Personal Identification Number (PIN), Tan sent a photo of him posing with the card placed on his back.

When the hacker wanted a full photo of the card, he sent her a full body picture of himself while holding the card.

At one point, the hacker got so exasperated that 'she' began hurling vulgarities back at Tan.

Check out the epic conversation in the gallery above.

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