Hassle to report littering

I recently saw a taxi driver tossing a plastic bag out of his window while driving, and reported it to the National Environment Agency (NEA). I also confirmed my willingness to be a prosecution witness should the cabby deny the offence.

I did not hear from the NEA until nearly three weeks later.

I was asked to go to its office in Tannery Lane between 2.30pm and 5pm on a weekday to sign a confirmation that I was willing to act as a witness in court if necessary.

When I reported littering cases in the past, I was sent a form to sign and return by e-mail.

Now, it seems I am expected to take leave from work to sign the form.

The NEA should be more proactive and not inconvenience people who are helping it to nab litterbugs.

It also does not help that it takes the NEA three weeks to respond to a report. By then, the details of the offence would have faded from one's memory.

Louis Peh

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