Have innovative ways for S'poreans to learn about them


I refer to recent news reports that former Member of Parliament Mohamed Ariff Suradi and former Cabinet Minister Chua Sian Chin had died.

It is sad that Singapore lost two of its first generation leaders just one day apart.

The pioneer generation of leaders not only led Singapore to independence, they contributed and sacrificed much during our early years of nationhood, a very challenging and difficult period on many fronts.

Many of these leaders came from humble and poor backgrounds and they shared similar stories of hardship with their fellow Singaporeans during that period.

This meant that the leaders back then could sympathise and empathise with the people and understand their concerns. These leaders were well-received by a majority of Singaporeans not only during elections but also at other times.

I believe that many Singaporeans, especially those below 35 years of age, do not know much about these first generation leaders.


There is not much about them in the school curriculum. Most of the time, we get to learn about them only from the media when they are critically ill or have died.

I urge the Government to come up with innovative ways for Singaporeans, especially the younger generation, to learn as much as possible about the pioneer generation - both the leaders and the ordinary Singaporeans - who sacrificed and contributed so much to our nation to set it on a path of growth and made it possible for us to reach where we are today.


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