Have a piece of Singapore's skyline

Want to construct your own Marina Bay Sands and erect the integrated resort with its boat-shaped SkyPark in your living room?

Now you can - with Lego bricks. The iconic building by Israeli architect Moshe Safdie is Singapore's "first landmark in Lego bricks", Lego Singapore said on its Facebook page Wednesday.

It is the latest in the Lego Architecture series, which has already replicated famous buildings - such as the Sydney Opera House and American architect Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater - with Lego bricks.

The building - which has featured prominently in Singapore's skyline since it was built in 2010 - was chosen after being voted as "one of the most inspiring structures of recent times" in an online poll, Lego and Marina Bay Sands said in a statement Wednesday.

Your Lego figurines will be able to lounge in the infinity pool within the miniature SkyPark atop the three towers of the 55-storey hotel complex, but there will be no visits to the lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum, which is not included in the set.

The limited-edition set can be bought at Marina Bay Sands gift shops for $89.90. It is also available at selected Lego retailers in Asia.