He attacks her with hammer after she smashes his car

MALAYSIA- They dated for 13 years and even had a traditional wedding ceremony.

Although they did not register their marriage, they lived together and ran a stall selling roast chicken in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

But their relationship turned sour and Ms Lin Pei Li, 29, was allegedly attacked on Sunday by her partner, known only by his surname Xiao, who was armed with a hammer.

She needed more than 30 stitches on her head, neck and arm, China Press reported.

Ms Lim told China Press that she had decided to break up with Xiao last year and he agreed.

Despite breaking up and living separately, she allowed him to continue helping her at the stall for RM4,000 (S$1,555) a month.

Later, she supported Xiao when he said that he wanted to open a separate stall, but on condition that he opened it somewhere else.

But in June, he set up a stall next to hers and also began selling roast chicken. Her business took a hit, she claimed.

When she returned home on Sunday at 4am, she found the rear windscreen of her car smashed.

She filed a police report.

Ms Lin thought it could have been an act of retaliation by Xiao, as his car tyres were found punctured on Friday and he could have suspected her to be behind it.

Worried that he could do more harm, she decided to go to his house and take back a Toyota Vios which was registered under her name.

When she realised that Xiao was hiding in his house, she angrily took a hammer and smashed the windscreen of the Vios, and started complaining to Xiao's younger sister, who lived next door.


Xiao then came out of the house and began shouting expletives at her.

He then allegedly grabbed the hammer from her and began hitting her and she fainted.

Xiao's brother-in-law and his younger brother took Ms Lim to the hospital.

Ms Lim alleged that Xiao had hit her before and had even threatened her with a knife and pair of scissors.

China Press reported that Xiao has been arrested.

His family declined to comment when contacted by the media.

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