He crashes into 3 others

SINGAPORE - Ms Wendy Foo had just begun her daily house-cleaning chores around 9.30am yesterday when she heard a loud crash.

From her fourth-storey Compassvale Lane apartment, the 56-year-old administrator saw a beige Nissan careen off a pillar in Block 205D and smash into three parked vehicles.

The middle car, a grey Hyundai, had been crushed between the Nissan and another car.

She said: "Thankfully nobody was inside (the parked cars) at the time."

There were no injuries.

The driver of the beige Nissan, 71-year-old Ng Sin Huat, is a traditional Chinese medicine physician.

He told The New Paper in Mandarin: "I was driving down the ramp slowly when I accidentally hit the pillar.

"In a panic, I swerved the car as far right as possible and hit the cars before I could stop."

His vehicle was damaged so badly that the gearbox could not function. Attempts by residents to physically push the car failed and it took a tow truck with a winch to extricate the wreck.

The owner of the wrecked Hyundai, Mr Munish Chaturvedi, 35, a software engineer, rushed home from his workplace in Raffles Quay when he heard about the accident.

Visibly distraught, he said he had just bought the vehicle, his first car, last December.

"I was always extra cautious with it. I don't usually park on the ground floor but there just happened to be an empty space," he said. "The one time I park here, this happens."

Another affected driver, Mr Sebastian Yeap, 50, was getting ready for work when he heard a knock on his door - it was a neighbour telling him his car had been involved in an accident.

"The first thing that went through my mind was 'Is the driver still around?'," Mr Yeap said.


Because he works in insurance, he is familiar with the process of making claims and was seen advising other affected drivers on what to do.

He said: "Most importantly, I am taking pictures of all the licence plates, the damaged areas and the location of the cars.

"Especially important is the location of my car within the parking lot box. It shows that I did not park illegally or contribute to the accident in any way."

In a similar incident on Thursday morning, a taxi rammed into 10 stationary motorcycles after hitting a car.

The incident occurred at an open-air carpark at Lengkok Bahru.

This article was first published on June 14, 2014. 
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