He finds knife crawling with maggots

SINGAPORE - A Chinese national who was fishing at the Whampoa River made a grisly find last Sunday.

There, Mr Qu Yong found a knife with a large clump of long, black hair stuck to its blade.

The 43-year-old factory worker told Shin Min Daily News that his mind went blank when he realised what was stuck to the knife after he had removed it from the mud on the river bank.

"The handle of the knife was that of a dragon head. I thought it looked interesting, so I pulled it out," Mr Qu recounted.

"After doing so, I discovered that it was a long knife and many maggots crawled out as well, scaring me into dropping it."

Then came the shock of seeing the long hair.

At that point, Mr Qu recalled the Whampoa murder case from last December involving a decapitated woman.

After finding the knife, Mr Qu was at a loss about what to do, so he called his friend, Mr She, a 57-year-old who is in between jobs.

Mr She said Mr Qu was stammering when the latter told him to head to the river, Shin Min reported.

"When I arrived, he took the knife and told me there were insects and hair on it. I was so scared that I didn't dare to look," Mr She recounted.

Both men decided to leave the knife in its original position and headed home.

But Mr She changed his mind later.

He said: "When I got home, I felt it was not right after thinking it through, so I went to report the find at the nearby neighbourhood police post."

Mr She called Mr Qu and together they led officers to the scene.

Investigations are ongoing, police said.

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