He flies into a spitting rage

An enraged passenger accused of cutting a bus queue flew into a rage, scolding and spitting two women on the face at Woodlands Bus Interchange on Tuesday night.

In the video, which has since gone viral, he is seen pointing a finger at a female passenger in a green dress, and hurling vulgarities at her.

Then he spits on her face and she calmly wipes it off.

Next, he shouts "I'll make you cry", then spits on her again.

Several SMRT staff and security personnel are seen standing alongside, watching it happen.


The video also shows that once, the security staff tried to shield the woman in the green dress when the man attempted to punch her.

The commotion was captured by Facebook user Sia Jianhe.

When he posted the video on his profile page, more than 300 people chimed in to criticise the aggressive passenger.

At press time, the video had more than 19,000 shares and nearly 3,000 likes.

In a note to the video, Mr Sia describes what happened before he started filming.

He said the man had been in the queue for bus 950, but apparently left it to buy a drink.

When he returned, he was told to go to the back by a woman in a blue shirt.

He then spat on her face around 10 times and prevented her from boarding the bus.

The woman alerted SMRT staff.

The police were informed immediately and security staff were sent to intervene, said an SMRT spokesman.

Mr Sia said the man boarded the bus, but the bus driver refused to drive off.

He alighted and tried to board the next bus from the back door, but people in the bus, including the woman in green dress, pushed him out, further fuelling his rage.

While many who saw the video were outraged at the aggressive man, several also pointed out that SMRT staff seemed to be doing nothing initially.

Said one Facebook user, Ms Ahysa Ahmad: "I don't understand why SMRT staff can't take him into their custody while waiting for the authorities.

"He's definitely a menace to those around him."

Police confirmed that a report was made and that all parties involved have been interviewed. No one was arrested.


The staff were trying to contain the situation and not let the man escape before the police could arrive, said an SMRT spokesman.

He was responding to queries on why nothing was done while the man was spitting at fellow commuters.

People should not judge what happened based on the video as a large part of the incident was not filmed, the spokesman added.

"We would like to remind all passengers to be courteous, and that inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated and will be reported."

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