He has killed, screams parrot

AGRA, India - A parrot has helped the police to crack the murder case of its boss after it "identified" the alleged killer in Agra, India, reported Malaysia Nanban.

Police were baffled as there were no leads to the murder of Neelam, wife of a local newspaper editor, Vijay Sharma, at her residence in Balkeshwar colony on Feb 20.

Sharma noted a change in the behaviour of their pet parrot whenever his nephew Ashutosh Goswami came to the house or his name was mentioned.

Growing suspicious, the victim's family started calling names of other people in front of the parrot but when Ashutosh's name was called, it screamed "Usne maara, Usne maara" (he has killed).

The family then informed the police, who took Ashutosh into custody.

On questioning, Ashutosh confessed to the crime which he committed with an accomplice, Ronny Massey.

They had forced Neelam to hand over cash and valuables.

Afraid that she would reveal his identity, he had allegedly stabbed her to death as well as the pet dog which had started barking.