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'He made us all scared': Passengers allegedly scolded by bus driver for bringing fried chicken on vehicle

'He made us all scared': Passengers allegedly scolded by bus driver for bringing fried chicken on vehicle
PHOTO: Stomp

A few passengers were upset when they were reportedly informed that bringing take-out food on board a public bus was not allowed.

A Stomp contributor shared she boarded bus service 293 along Tampines Avenue 3 on April 27 at about 8pm.

"I carried takeaway fried chicken in a box that was packed in plastic bags but the SBS Transit bus driver said I could not bring it into the bus unless I kept it in a zipped-up bag," she said.

Many passengers bring food on board public transport with the understanding that they should not eat or drink in buses or trains.

However, this was the first time she had been told such a rule existed: "I didn't know we cannot bring takeaway food onto buses anymore."

According to the Stomp contributor, another passenger carrying Arnold's fried chicken was also shouted at for bringing food on board.

"He made us all scared and kept telling us to alight because the food was smelly and that he couldn't stand the smell," she said.

She asked if this was indeed a rule, how would passengers commuting home from work be able to bring back food for their families: "We can't be ordering GrabFood forever, right?"

She sent feedback to SBS Transit to clarify whether passengers can bring take-out food on board buses.

In an email response seen by Stomp, SBS Transit apologised to the Stomp contributor on May 2 and said they were 'dismayed' to learn of her encounter.

They have since raised an investigation to look into the matter and to identify the bus captain involved.

The representative added: "We would also like to take the opportunity to clarify that while there are no requirements to ensure that plastic bags containing fried chicken are to be sealed while onboard buses, we do wish to encourage passengers to do so if possible, in mitigation efforts to reduce the emittance of smells onboard, for the comfort of all passengers."

Stomp has reached out to SBS Transit for comment.

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This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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