He praises himself for returning items he took

After brutally raping and robbing a petite woman who was 36kg lighter than him, he had the audacity to remark how "good" he was for agreeing to return the items he had taken from her.

The rapist praised himself as he returned his victim's NRIC, ATM and ez-link cards after purchasing a can of beer with money stolen from her.

He chose to keep the rest of the $8.80 that he had taken, however.

Yesterday, Riduan Rantau was jailed for 12 years and given 18 strokes of the cane for robbing and raping the 34-year-old woman at a carpark stairwell in Queenstown on Oct 13 last year.

He was also convicted of stealing a T-shirt from a nearby estate the next day, which he presumably wore to evade capture.

Before sentencing, Deputy Public Prosecutor Christine Liu painted Riduan, 48, as a man who did not display "genuine remorse".

The Malaysian cleaner, who is a permanent resident here, did not surrender to police immediately when they approached him shortly after the rape was reported.


Said Ms Liu: "On the contrary, he gave a false explanation about his presence at the scene to the first responding officers, evidently to evade capture, and did manage to do so."

A 27-year-old man - one of two people who saw Riduan attacking the woman - called the police for help five times between 8.02pm and 8.26pm.

The caller was returning home after parking his car when he heard the victim screaming: "Help me, help me, call the police!"

Through an open door near the staircase, he later took a photograph with his mobile phone camera showing Riduan on top of the victim.

The court was told that Riduan had grabbed the woman from behind and dragged her to the carpark staircase even as she struggled and shouted for help.

He then took her belongings and raped her.

By the time the police showed up, the victim was no longer there.

But the officers spotted Riduan nearby based on his clothes matching those in the complainant's photo, and questioned him.

Riduan claimed he was on his way to his cousin's flat and denied having been in the carpark.

As there was insufficient evidence to arrest him then, the officers took down his particulars and let him go, court papers revealed.

But CCTV footage from the carpark incriminated Riduan.

The victim also confirmed to police that she had been raped and was taken to a hospital for a medical examination. She suffered some bruising on her elbows and a few small bruises on her back.

Riduan was arrested at 10.40am the next day at Redhill MRT station.

He had disposed of the blue and white T-shirt he wore during the rape and was wearing a T-shirt stolen from a shop in a nearby estate.

Ms Liu described the brazen manner in which Riduan committed the rape as "a real cause for alarm" to residents.

She said: "The accused not only had no qualms about the very real potential of being sighted and apprehended. He was unfazed even when the complainant walked by as the victim was struggling with him."

In mitigation, his defence lawyer, Mr Tang Jin Sheng, said Riduan deeply regretted his actions and apologises to the victim.

Mr Tang argued for a lighter sentence as there was no premeditation, weapons used or pregnancy suffered by the victim.



This article was first published on Aug 25, 2015.
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