He stabs brother over milk

He stabbed his older brother just because the latter did not do him a favour.

According to Mr Soh Jun Wei, 22, their mother had asked him to pass some milk to Soh Wei Lin, 20. He did not do so as he was reading a book.

His brother, who is unemployed, then took a knife and stabbed him in his abdomen.

Soh Wei Lin was given a two-year mandatory treatment order (MTO) yesterday after pleading guilty to one count of voluntarily causing hurt.

An MTO is for offenders who suffer from psychiatric conditions.

Those ordered to undergo MTO have to go for psychiatric treatment in lieu of jail time.


The court heard that Soh had schizoaffective disorder when he committed the offence in their flat at New Upper Changi Road at around 7pm on Feb 5 last year.

A publication on the College of Family Physicians Singapore's website stated that schizoaffective disorders are characterised by recurring episodes of mood and psychotic symptoms.

Deputy Public Officer (DPP) Kong Kuek Foo said the victim went home from a jog at around 6pm that day and was reading in the living room.

His brother arrived home at around the same time.

According to their mother, Madam Ou Lanmei, 55, Soh said he had also returned from a jog and asked her for some milk.

She prepared the drink at around 6.30pm and left it on a living room table.

The victim said their mother then asked him to pass the milk to his brother, but he did not do so.

Angry, Soh took a 32cm-long knife and stabbed his brother's abdomen.

Their older brother called for an ambulance and the victim was taken to Changi General Hospital.

Mr Soh suffered a 2cm stab wound near his navel.

He went through surgery and was discharged two days later.

For voluntarily causing hurt, Soh could have been jailed up to two years and fined up to $5,000.


This article was first published on May 19, 2016.
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