He throws drink, then smashes glass on her face

A fun night out with friends at a Clarke Quay nightclub left a woman with a horrendous gash running from her nose almost to her left ear.

In the incident at Mandopop club Shanghai Dolly last Saturday, the woman was injured after a man who had tried to chat her up allegedly smashed a glass on her face.

Identifying herself as Ms Vivi, she gave citizen journalism website Stomp her account of the incident, which took place at close to 2.30am.

"A guy approached me and when I ignored him, he poured alcohol in my face and smashed a glass on my face," she said.

"When my friend shouted at the guy, his friend slapped her."

Ms Vivi said that as her face was bleeding, she was escorted out of the club by a bouncer along with her friend. She was then taken to hospital, where a police officer took her statement.


She added that she would have to go for plastic surgery as a result of her injury.

Mr Gordon Foo, 32, coordinating director of operations for St James Holdings, which manages Shanghai Dolly, said yesterday that Ms Vivi was at the club with her friend as part of a large group.

The man, who looked to be in his 40s, was with another group.

Both groups were at the sofas in the VIP area of the club.

Mr Foo said: "The VIP area is not blocked off, but sofa use requires a minimum spending range from $800 to $2,000."

He said Ms Vivi and the man were regular customers but he was not sure if they knew each other.

The New Paper understands from witnesses that the two were arguing when the man swung his hand towards Ms Vivi to throw his drink at her.

He then swung his hand towards Ms Vivi again after more arguing, this time smashing a balloon brandy glass on her face.

Ms Vivi retaliated by splashing her drink at him. She then tried to grab another glass from a table but was restrained by her friends.

The club bouncers moved in to intervene and separated the two groups of partygoers, who had started arguing.

Mr Foo said: "The bouncers took Vivi out to a lighted area to give her first aid while they waited for the police and ambulance to arrive."

He confirmed that the man did smash a glass on Ms Vivi's face, but was not certain if it had been intentional.

"It looked like an accident. It was a sweep of the hand and (the glass) hit her face," he added.

The police said they received a call at 2.27am on Saturday requesting for assistance at the nightspot.

When the officers arrived, it was established that a dispute had occurred.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force sent one ambulance after being alerted at 2.29am. Ms Vivi was taken conscious to the Singapore General Hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing and no arrest had been made by press time.

Shanghai Dolly staff have given statements to the police and CCTV footage has been handed over to the authorities.


This article was first published on June 17, 2014.
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