He tracked wife's lover illegally

Two months after they got married in March 2011, his wife asked for a divorce, claiming he had no time for her.

Unknown to police sergeant Lim Ming Kian, 30, his 27-year-old wife was having an extramarital affair with Mr Nicholas Lee Ming Hong, 30, between April and June that year.

Lim, who joined the police force in 2003, soon suspected his wife was having an affair. The court heard Mrs Lim, a nurse, tried to reconcile with her husband after ending the affair because she felt Mr Lee was not suitable for her.

Between July and November, Lim misused a computer system belonging to the police 72 times to check on information involving his wife and Mr Lee.

Lim was yesterday jailed for 18 weeks after pleading guilty to 12 counts of making unauthorised access to computer material. A total of 60 other charges for similar offences were taken into consideration during sentencing.

On July 27, 2011, he made his first unauthorised access into the police Frontline Officers' Computerised System (Focus) at the Police Cantonment Complex at New Bridge Road by keying in his wife's NRIC number to check on her.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Tang Shangjun told the court that Focus allows police officers to lodge reports and carry out online searches for details of reports lodged by the public.

It also contains data such as the personal information of complainants, victims and witnesses.

"All officers who use Focus are aware that the system can be used for official purposes only," said DPP Tang.

Sometime in August 2011, Mr Lee started receiving threatening e-mails and phone calls from someone who accused him of being a cheat and stealing another man's wife.

He contacted Mrs Lim and asked her if Lim could be behind them. She confronted her husband, who denied the allegations.


In November, Mr Lee and his older brother, a teacher, were subjected to loan shark-style harassment at their flat and near the brother's school.

The brother, who made a police report, suspected a police officer was behind the harassment. Based on the allegations, an audit trail was conducted on Focus search logs and Lim's unauthorised access was uncovered.

DPP Tang stressed that there was no evidence linking Lim to the harassment and the threats to Mr Lee.

In mitigation, Lim's lawyer, Mr Nirmal Singh, told District Judge Salina Ishak that the couple have reconciled and have a son, who was born last month.

Lim could have been jailed up to two years and fined up to $5,000 for each charge

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