Heart-stopping video shows close shave for cyclist and pillion rider

A video on YouTube shows a driver narrowly avoiding a horrific accident with a cyclist and a child who was riding pillion.

Based on the video, the driver was driving on a road in Sengkang.

As he was approaching a crossing, the cyclist and her child tried to cycle across the road.

The driver hit the brakes immediately and barely avoided a collision.

Realising her error, the cyclist apologised to the driver and proceeded to push her bicycle across the road.

Said the person who uploaded the video:

"I was chatting with my kids when this bicycle, with a woman and her child, suddenly shot out without warning. I horned the daylights out of my car and seeing that she wasn't able to stop, braked as hard as I could.

"I was just centimetres away from hitting them!! If I wasn't paying attention, they both would be in the hospital and I would be in the police station now.

"Cyclists should learn how to cross the road without riding and even if they want to ride, check for traffic first! And at the very least, ride at a crossing! And don't forget drivers don't have x-ray vision to see through structures hiding their existence! Luckily I reacted in time and I had barely two seconds to stop my car.

"Cyclists, please ride with proper behaviour on the roads. Don't risk yourself as especially your own children."

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