Heavy rains in Singapore flood several roads and a bus

SINGAPORE - Several areas of Singapore, namely Bukit Merah, Redhill, Henderson and Exeter Road, were affected by flash floods after a sudden heavy thunderstorm hit those areas on the evening of Oct 18.

Contributors to citizen journalism site Stomp wrote in about the floods brought about by the rain and sent in pictures.

Contributor GCL sent in photos of the flood in the Bukit Merah area and wrote:

"At around 11pm, the heavy thunderstorm just came and suddenly, the road along Bukit Merah Central was flooded.

"At the beginning, only one lane was affected but a while later, all three lanes and even the pedetrian walkways at the side of the road were full of muddy water.

"Even the dustbin was moving when a vehicle drove past it.

"I heard that the Redhill area was affected by the rain as well."

Another contributor, Ashik, who was in the Redhill area, also wrote in about the situation at Redhill, calling it a "terrible experience."

In his report, he wrote:

"This is one of the most terrible rain ever experienced for people staying in the Redhill area.

"A car had to stop in the middle of the road due to the flood."

Meanwhile, contributor Jim sent in photos of water gathering in a bus travelling towards the Henderson area and wrote:

"Ponding on bus number 145 heading towards Henderson."

Stomp contributor Sekeran was in the Somerset area when heavy rain resulted in a flooding situation.

In his report, he wrote:

"It's here again -- the flood at Exeter Road."

This report of flash floods is the second one received over the past week, after another Stomp contributor wrote in about the flash floods that affected the roads in the Chai Chee area.

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