Hello Kitty jets are here in Singapore

I have a confession: I've never understood the appeal of a white cat with no mouth.

Why did I choose to go to the official preview of EVA Air's Hello Kitty Shining Star plane? Pure curiosity to see what lengths EVA Air would go to decorate their planes.

And it was a full-on Kitty and friends assault on the senses from the minute you get your boarding pass.

The departure gate has a photo wall you can take selfies at, and the boarding gates has a Sanrio welcome sign.

Your stewardesses are in pink Kitty aprons, and your seats have Kitty pillows.

Pop into the toilet-Oh hey, Kitty toilet paper.

A few minutes in, I found my inner @hungryelf squealing. O.M.G. Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars food! I am sold. Where else can I eat a tray of adorably-cut food with purple Hello Kitty cutlery?

I never thought I would say it, but I became a Kitty convert that day.

This article was first published here on social entertainment portal migme.