Hilarious memes of Haw Par Villa statues put 79-year-old park back in spotlight

PHOTO: Klly Lmrck's Facebook

Who says Singaporeans aren't creative? When it comes to online humour, there is no stopping Singaporeans from putting our unique culture into new perspective.

Last year, several netizens came up with funny puns on the names of MRT stations. These uniquely Singaporean jokes, which continue to grow in number, include "People who don't like puns be like: Gong Simei?" and "So excited, I can't Stevens (even)".

And the humour hasn't stopped at just playing around with MRT station names.

One netizen, identified only as Klly Lmrck on Facebook, recently revived the appeal of good old Haw Par Villa, a park opened in 1937 which features scenes from Chinese mythology, including the 'Ten Courts of Hell' and 'Journey to the West'.

While the park was popular in the past, it has lost its lustre in the past decade with the growth of other big name attractions such as Universal Studios and Gardens by the Bay.

All that is set to change, however, with the new memes adding life and a whole lot of humour to the usually grim and scary images depicted at the park.

One of the memes created by Klly Lmrck so far include a monk dressed in a robe with the caption: "Oppa Gangnam style".

Another popular meme showed a statue with a Chinese face mask clinging onto the Monkey God which included the description: "When bae has to book in", referring to full-time national servicemen having to report to camp at the end of a weekend break spent with their girlfriends.

The netizen also made fun of local celebrity Ian Fang in one photo showing wax sculptures of bloodied faces. The caption read: "When watching Ian Fang's MV (music video)".

The series of 12 memes have since been shared 1,600 times, and garnered over 480 Facebook reactions.

It seems like these hilarious puns and memes won't stop here. Let's look forward to see how much more creative Singaporeans can get.