HK housewife robs 2 banks in 7 hours

A housewife can do a lot of things in seven hours. She can prepare meals, do the laundry and the dishes, clean the house… and still find the time to rob a couple of banks.

40-year-old Leung, with her oversized T-shirt and plump body, looks and behaves like most housewives, except most housewives don't head to the bank with a 25.4cm knife or a 'burin' (chisel).

One morning, Leung, dressed in a blue T-shirt and black pants, covered herself with a black bucket hat and mask, and charged into a bank in her neighbourhood in Tseung Kwan O.

She brandished her burin and showed the bank employee a note which read: "Need HK$100,000 (S$16,323), faster!"

The frightened employee gave her HK$7,500 (S$1,224) and the housewife escaped with it. Seven hours later, she went to another bank located 300m away and used the same tactic, this time demanding HK$50,000.

She got HK$23,500 instead, but on her way out of the second bank, she was caught by two security guards.

She was later identified as a resident of Choi Ming Court, a public housing estate nearby the two banks. Leung was said to be staying with her husband and two children, who are still in school. Neighbours were shocked to find out about the robberies, describing her as a normal housewife without financial problems.

The drama developed further when a scared Leung was seen crying on a female cop's shoulders after she was arrested. She was unable to walk and had to rely on the cops' help to leave the crime scene.

She later told police that she did it because she desperately needed money.