'How to spread Wuhan': Police identify youths in supermarket video prank

Friday, Feb 14, 2020

The police got them.

Two 17-year-old students were identified as the youths behind a prank at an NTUC FairPrice supermarket, the police said.

In the clip that made its rounds on social media last week, a youth is seen taking sips of drinks from the chilled drinks section, putting the caps back on, and placing the bottles back on the shelves.

The teens purchased the drinks after filming the video.

The clip was posted on one of the youth's private Instagram account with the caption "how to spread Wuhan", referring to the coronavirus outbreak which originated in Wuhan, China.

It was meant to be an inside joke among their friends but it soon got out of hand when an acquaintance recorded a copy and circulated it online.

Although the youths have since made a public apology, it did not appease angry members of the public, who slammed them for their insensible act and called for severe punishment.

Some netizens also expressed worries that the video would lead others to mimic the irresponsible stunt. 

On Monday (Feb 10), FairPrice said it was working with the authorities on the actions needed for the case, and asked the public not to circulate the video.

Investigations are ongoing, the police said, adding they will not tolerate actions that stoke undue public alarm, especially during this period of heightened sensitivity.

A video of a customer consuming beverages and placing them back on our shelves is being circulated on social media. We...

Posted by NTUC FairPrice on Monday, February 10, 2020

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