Hubby jailed and fined for hitting wife

Facing the law: Mohamad Affandi being taken away by policemen after he was found guilty of hitting his wife Siti Khadijah (right).
PHOTO: The Star

BUKIT MERTAJAM: A factory worker, who was hit by her husband in a hospital elevator three years ago, is glad that justice is served following a magistrate's court's decision to jail the accused eight months.

Siti Khadijah Ahmad Ramli, 40, who is in the midst of a divorce with veterinary officer Mohammad Affandi Ismail, 39, said the sentence would also serve as a lesson to other men not to hurt their wives.

Mohammad Affandi from Jerantut, Pahang, was also fined RM2,000 (S$671) in default two months' jail for hitting Siti Khadijah at the KPJ Hospital lift in Bandar Perda at about 4pm on Aug 12.

Magistrate Mohd Fitri Sadardin ordered Mohammad Affandi to serve his jail sentence effective yesterday.

Before the decision yesterday, Mohammad Affandi was seen in a jovial mood outside the courtroom.

He was even heard telling newsmen to respect all women.

It is learnt that Mohammad Affandi is now married to Norzilawati Ab Aziz, 26, who is four months pregnant.

Earlier, Siti Khadijah, who is a mother of three children aged between seven and 12, told the court how the incident had affected her.

"I suffered trauma. It caused me to feel threatened and to be in fear, and made me feel ashamed.

"My head was also swollen after being hit," she said from the witness dock.

Mohammad Affandi's counsel R. Palaniappan pleaded for a lighter sentence as his client had no past criminal record and was educated.

"If the accused is jailed, it will cause him to lose his income.

"The accused has been cooperative with the police and the court, and has realised his wrongdoing and regrets it.

"Furthermore, he has already gone through a lot of punishment from the public after a video of the incident went viral on YouTube and the social media," said Palaniappan.

He added that the case was merely a family argument and a minor offence.

However, DPP Kamaliza Md Zain begged to differ, saying the case involved public interest and the offence was serious as the accused hit his wife in a public place and in the presence of their two children.

"If leniency is to be given, it may send out a message to the public that such offences can be taken lightly and may encourage it to be repeated," said Kamaliza.

"Twelve witnesses were called to testify and all agreed that the complainant had done nothing wrong to cause the accused to hit her," said Kamaliza.

In passing sentence, Mohd Fitri said the punishment would send out a message not only to the accused but to others to respect their wives.

"The act of hitting the wife in front of two children is unacceptable by the court, regardless of reasons given."