Huge argument on MRT train after commuter allegedly hits woman with motorised wheelchair

A motorised wheelchair rider allegedly hit a woman with his mobility device on board an MRT train yesterday (Oct 16) at around 2pm, leading to a heated argument.

Stomp contributor Andre who witnessed what happened told Stomp in a telephone interview that he first saw the man riding out of a lift at Bishan MRT station's Circle Line platform.

Like the Stomp contributor, he was waiting for the train going towards the direction of Dhoby Ghaut.

Following the train's arrival, the man rode his mobility device forward into the carriage, made a left turn and started reversing into a bay that was designated for wheelchairs.

According to Andre, there were around four people in the bay at that point.

The man was jerking as he made abrupt stops while reversing, possibly to subtly tell the commuters to make space for him.

The Stomp contributor said that the woman then told the man patiently that he should not be manoeuvring his motorised wheelchair like he did.

The man purportedly did not take the comments well, and started scolding the woman.

He was heard saying "settle in the next station" rather loudly.

He then allegedly hit the woman with his motorised wheelchair by moving forward. Andre believes that he also ran over the woman's foot.

A heated argument ensued, with the woman angrily questioning the man over his actions.

In a video recorded by the Stomp contributor, both individuals can be seen talking loudly and gesturing at each other.

A Singapore Armed Forces personnel tried to intervene, but the duo did not calm down despite his efforts.

Towards the end of the video, both of them wanted to report the matter to station staff based on their conversation.

They subsequently alighted at Lorong Chuan MRT Station.

It is unclear what happened after that.